Pappillios and Birkis don't discriminate - they love feet small and large, wide and narrow, and everything in between. Like Birkenstocks, the adjustable straps allow you to customise the fit with ease, and most styles are available in both Regular (R) and Narrow (N) fittings.

However, they are a slightly wider than Birkenstocks, in that a Regular Papillio is wider than a Regular Birkenstock, and a Narrow Papillio is in between a Narrow and a Regular Birkenstock.

If you already own a pair or are trying them on in store - check out the little foot emoji on the footbed of the shoe (between the arch and heel) or on the shoe box. If the foot is coloured in, it is a Narrow (N). If it is just an outline of a foot, it is a Regular (R).