The most beautiful Birks in the cosmos

OK, that might be a stretch, though they're certainly the best selling. Check out the top styles from one of the world's most iconic brands.

Brand Spanking New Frankie4

We love unboxing brand new kicks, especially when they come from Australia's very own Frankie4. Check out the latest styles to join the classics.

The Bstore Blog

Get the inside scoop on the latest arrivals, limited edition releases, and all things health and happiness from the feet up.

Keeping it [REAL] Since 2001

Keeping it real is in our DNA. It's been etched into us since the day we opened our very first Bstore in Subiaco over 18 years ago and we challenge ourselves every day to do just that - Keep it Real.

REAL people. REAL commitment. REAL values. REAL comfort. REAL service. REAL fun. REAL health. REAL happiness. REAL adventure. REAL life. REAL freedom. REAL support. REAL feet. REAL authenticity. REAL connections. REAL conversations.

Come keep it real with us.

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