A lot goes into the construction of the iconic Birkenstock footbed.

Birkenstock Footbed Construction Soft Footbed

1. Jute Layer 1

The first layer of jute provides a flexible and solid foundation for the footbed.

2. Cork and Natural Latex

Premium quality cork is lightweight, resilient and shock absorbent - the perfect material from which to create the contoured Birkenstock footbed. Cork is mixed with natural latex, which gives the footbed added flexibility and elasticity.

3. Jute Layer 2

A second layer of jute is added between the cork and lining. The thick, natural fibre, provides added durability and flexibility.

4. Suede or Microfibre Lining

A suede or microfibre lining is affixed to the top of the footbed to provide a soft, comfortable foot environment. The Birkenstock Vegan collection features animal-free micofibre.

5. Extra Layer of Latex for Soft Footbed Styles

An extra layer of latex is placed between under the lining in shoes featuring the Birkenstock Soft Footbed. This provides an added layer of cushioned comfort.