Science for Wildlife x Bstore

Science for Wildlife x Bstore

Every time you purchase a pair of shoes from Bstore, you're helping save a koala in the wild. Bstore is proud to announce our partnership with Science for Wildlife, an Australian not-for-profit organisation committed to effective wildlife conservation through innovative science-led conservation solutions empowering on-the-ground action.

How your purchase helps...

Identifying, tracking and protecting koala colonies.

Reducing habitat loss and climate change threats.

Empowering on-the-ground conservation action.

Koala of the Month - Meet Uno!

Bstore has proudly partnered with Science for Wildlife, investing in science to ensure that the trees Uno uses for his meals and for his home remain safe, and to keep her habitat secure.

About Uno...

  • Uno's habitat is relatively low altitude, on the boundary of the urban interface & National Parl.
  • Uno is a dominant male who is a bit of a 'bruiser', always getting into trouble fighting with other boy koalas.
  • Uno's name is short for Numero Uno & he was the first koala included in our study. 
  • The trees Uno like to eat include Round-leaved Blue Gum (E.deanei), Sydney Red Gum (Angophra costata), and Forest Red Gum (E. tereticornis). 
  • Uno resides in a landscape that faces threats such as habitat fragmentations, dog attacks, bushfire, and heat stress. 

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