Bstore's 1-for-1 Tree Project

We plant a tree for every pair of shoes you buy

Bstore's 1-for-1 Tree Project

Bstore’s1-for-1 Tree Project

For every pair of shoes you buy, we will plant a tree in a reforestation project around the world. The project will result in thousands of trees being planted through reforestation projects in WA, NSW, VIC, and Africa.

The Positive Impact

- Animals: Trees are a food source (fruit, nuts, berries, and leaves) and provide shelter for native species.

- People: Tree planting provides jobs for people in the developing world.

- Planet: Planting trees reduces the impact of climate change as trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the atmosphere.

The Project

WA Reforestation Project

Native trees will be planted near the town of Canna in the wheatbelt region (East of Geraldton) to reforest areas that had been cleared for agriculture and farming. The trees will be planted by the Carbon Farming Foundation (CFF) which is a registered Australian charity. There will be a carbon right over the land where the trees are planted, which effectively means they can’t be cut down. This is Bstore’s first reforestation project that we will be supporting.

NSW & VIC Bushfire Restoration

These projects will focus on planting native trees in areas devastated by the 2020 bushfires, with the objective of rejuvenating ecosystems by providing habitat for native wildlife.

Africa And Abroad Projects

Across Africa, we will be planting a mixture of native trees. A portion will be fruit trees which will provide a source of food and long-term income to locals as they can sell the fruit in marketplaces. Additionally, Mangrove trees will be planted which store carbon from water known as “blue carbon” which is significant for reducing carbon dioxide in the ocean and waterways.