Vivobarefoot live and breathe sustainable, barefoot footwear with the aim to reconnect people with the natural world, each other and communities, and we're excited to welcome their range of sneakers and boots to Bstore.
These guys are the real deal - every shoe they create is founded in their belief that the health of people and the planet are not mutually exclusive - that more connected people are with nature, they more likely they are to protect it, and that there is no excuse in 'filling the world up with more stuff' unless it achieves one of three things - allow us to connect with nature, make us feel more human, and be environmentally responsible and ethical.
This is a company we can get behind.
So what does a shoe made out of 17 recycled plastic bottles, algae, corn and other plant based materials look like? And does it deliver?
Vivobarefoot create footwear that celebrates the 'evolutionary masterpieces' that are our feet - and inline with the barefoot movement - the less material put between the feet and the ground the better. The light and flexible sole promotes natural movement, the wide toebox accommodates the natural shape of your feet and allows toes room to spread and grip, and the antibacterial lining and removable insoles create a healthy foot environment. Everything from the tread to the upper is designed to provide your feet with the opportunity to move, strengthen and support the greater muscular skeletal system.