The Birkenstock Vegan collection is manufactured using 100% animal-free plant-based and synthetic materials from the uppers, linings and outer soles, to dyes and adhesives.

Birkenstock Vegan Sandals
Birkenstock Vegan Mayari and Arizona styles

Natural materials such as cork, latex, and jute are used alongside synthetic Birko-Flor, microfibre, and animal and solvent free adhesives and dyes.  All materials are independently tested to ensure their animal-free status.

The introduction of the Birkenstock Vegan range of both classic cork and waterproof EVA sandals earned Birkenstock the peta2 Libby Awards “World’s Most Animal Friendly Shoe Company 2018".

Birkenstock Vegan Footbed

Birkenstock Vegan Footbed

Birkenstock has a solid reputation for their commitment to sustainability, including in relation to their iconic classic footbed. Layers of sustainable cork, natural latex and jute provide the foundation of the contoured footbed, brought together with waterbased, solvent free adhesives and dyes. The Vegan footbed is then topped with a Birkenstock Birko-flor lining that is free from any animal ingredients.

The Birkenstock Vegan collection is easily identified by the green logo and vegan emblem, which is used exclusively on vegan product. 

Birkenstock Birko-Flor

Birkenstock Birko-Flor®

Birko-Flor® is a durable and easy to clean synthetic material, made to sit comfortably against the skin and used exclusively by Birkenstock. Birkenstock use Birko-Flor as a leather alternative in a large range of their products, including vegan shoes. Birko-Flor is also used in place of wool felt in the vegan range of Amsterdam clogs while maintaining the appearance of felt.

Birkenstock EVA

Birkenstock EVA Sandal

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a high-quality, very light, elastic material with very good cushioning. As a result, it smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and ensures that every step is softly cushioned. The Birkenstock EVA collection is designed for light use and water-based leisure activity, such as the pool, beach or boat. EVA is also used to make the sole of many Birkenstock sandals, including the vegan range.

Birkenstock Microfibre Lining

Birkenstock Microfibre Lining

Microfibre fabric is a durable material which encourages the circulation of air and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. Microfibre is used in Birkenstock vegan footwear in place of suede lining. They maintain the visual appearance of leather and keep feet feeling fresh. 

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