Archies Thongs are unisex and do not have a separate size system for men and women. The sizes listed are US.

Archies Thongs sizing runs very true to your normal US running shoe size (for both men and women), so we suggest to select that for your size.

If you have any doubts as to which size to choose and or you simply want to confirm your size selection, then we suggest to measure your foot length using the instructions below and check the recommended corresponding size via the Archies Thongs size conversion chart.  

How to find your size

Step 1

Stand on a piece of paper. This is best done on a hard surface such as floor boards or tiles (not carpet)

Step 2

The very back edge of your heel should be directly in line with the very back edge of the paper. Please be as accurate as possible.

Step 3

Mark the very back edge of the paper in the middle of the heel.

Step 4

Mark the very front of the longest toe with a pen on the paper.

Step 5

Measure the distance between the two points in centimetres to the nearest millimetre. The line you end up measuring may be slightly diagonal.