Frankie4 shoes are made in Vietnam and China, but don't have that let you down. Co-founder Caroline herself is the proud designer and faithful customer of these kind of shoes and a lot of thought goes into the process of designing each and every pair.
In addition, both her and her husband make sure that the manufacturing process is done in clean, ethical and methodical specialist factories, where other large reputable footwear brands also have their shoes manufactured. 
When it comes to women's shoes, there’s no doubt that high heels are stylish. They make us look taller, and boost our self-confidence. However, constantly wearing high heels will eventually take a toll on your health.
For that reason, you should definitely invest in a couple of podiatrist and physiotherapist designed shoes that offer the proper arch and heel support. One such brand that designs modern and premium quality shoes is Frankie4.
They are an Australian brand that was established ten years ago by the podiatrist and physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch and her husband Alan, who is also a podiatrist.
The name Frankie comes from the couple’s fox terrier Frank, and the number 4 stands for the brand’s four values: innovation, fashion, supportive soles, and giving back to the community.
The designs of Frankie4 shoes stem from Caroline’s own experience with a shin injury from sports. This further shows why the dedication to each and every product and the mission to provide customers with comfort and style has proven to be such a success for years.
Another sign of the reliability of the brand is the performance testing that happens as soon as the designs are being made, to make sure only those of quality make it to the shelves.
It’s safe to say the name of the brand has become synonymous with shoes that are a good investment in one’s health as they’re great for preventing and alleviating heel, arch, forefoot pain and plantar fasciitis.
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