Whether you’re an experienced hiker or you only just started exploring your local state, a hiking checklist can help keep you organised and prepared. Here, we compiled the ultimate packing list for a day of hiking, complete with clothing recommendations and necessary gear.

Whether you’re heading to John Forrest National Park or the America Bay Track, these tips will help you complete your new adventure without a fuss.




Golden Rule #1 - SPF

SPF, SPF and more SPF! I mean, this is Australia…

Not only are sunburns painful, overexposure to the sun can also cause sunstroke and can leave you feeling confused, tired or dizzy - not ideal if you’re trying to navigate yourself off the side of a rocky slope. 

So, slather on the sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and throw an extra bottle in your bag. It’s also highly recommended to bring a sun hat with a wide brim that will offer protection from the rays and help keep you cool.


Golden Rule #2 - Extra Food & Water

Wherever you’re planning to hike, you’re going to need plenty of food and water to keep your energy levels high! Plan out the snacks you think you’ll need (with plenty of protein and carbs to keep your energy up)...then double the amount. 

When it comes to water, regardless of the weather you should be consuming at least 2L of water every couple of hours. Obviously the warmer the day the more you’ll sweat and lose water from your body, so if you decide to do a hike on a 30+ degree day, take at least 4L with you.

Yes, water is heavy, but dehydration is something you do NOT want to encounter on a hike.


Golden Rule #3 - First Aid Essentials

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a first timer, you never really know which rocks could be out of place. Bringing along some first aid essentials such as band aids, alcohol wipes and bandages can help when the worst strikes. 

These essentials can be wrapped up in a small zip lock bag and are easy to slip into your bags, so there’s no excuses! First aid essentials are just like bringing extra food, you’ll never be mad that you brought it.


Golden Rule #4 - Bring The Right Footwear

Footwear is key for a good hike! Especially when it comes to avoiding rocky or slippery terrain. Being prepared with the right footwear will set you up for success and will allow you to enjoy the hike, rather than wishing you had worn different shoes!

While Birkenstocks are undeniably comfortable, we wouldn’t recommend them for a hike! If you’re struggling to think of what shoes you have at home for your next hike, here are some of our recommendations:

Vivobarefoot Geo Court II

Vivobarefoot was born out of their love for nature in all forms, including how we wear shoes. Embracing the barefoot movement, these sneakers from Vivo are a reinvention of the classic court sneaker. The Vivobarefoot Geo Court II allows you to move naturally and connect with the ground beneath your feet. 


  • Foot shaped (not shoe-shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing
  • WIDE to allow for natural stability
  • THIN to enable you to feel more
  • FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement
  • Remade with less - Less materials, less process, less waste, more feeling. Reinvented court cup-sole with a wide, thin, and flexible outsole for extraordinary barefoot feeling and free movement.
  • Leather upper



FRANKiE4 Tambo IV 

Take your hikes in your stride with the fresh and feminine TAMBO IV. Offering a more fashion-forward alternative to the everyday sports shoe, TAMBO is engineered with a triple-layer support and cushioning system for high-performance support with every step.


  • Sole Hero™ Support Footbed – Podiatrist designed | adjustable.
  • Triple Layer Support & Cushion System designed to help prevent and alleviate common foot pain symptoms.
  • Lightweight, supportive clouds under your feet.  Podiatrist designed ACTiVE soles are free of steel shanks and heavy materials.
  • Dual density moulded sole: durable rubber outsole with shock absorbing lightweight injected phylon midsole.
  • Slip resistant sole*



ARA Lissabon 2.0

More than just a sneaker, the Ara Lissabon adjusts perfectly to your feet. Every time.

The new Ara is also bang on trend, fashion-wise. With this innovation Ara shows its expertise in "Fashion & Function" - the perfect combination of fashion and comfort.


  • Fusion4 Knit Upper
  • Bamboo-Blend Natural Lining
  • Strobel Stitched Construction
  • Removable Bamboo-Blend Insoles
  • Dynergy Soles
  • Bamboo Lining Both Ecological & Environmentally Sound
  • Fusion4 Adaptive Multizone Technology