Our love affair with German footwear brands apparently knows no bounds and we are tickled pink to introduce Ara to the gang.
The family behind Ara have been toiling to create the ultimate collection of comfort shoes for three generations.
Ara Osaka High Soft Sneakers
The combination of traditional craftsmanship, enviro focus, and tech deliver a collection with equally measured style, comfort and fit.
Some of the tech behind the shoes…


Ara Lissabon 2.0 Fusion4 White Silver Sneaker
The overlapping 3D waves featured on the soles are specially arranged for superior shock absorption and double cushioning to distribute and neutralise impact. This energy is returned to the wearer as momentum with each step.


Ara Lissabon Fusion4 Blue Slip on Sneaker
Ara’s multizone HiFlex knitted uppers feature flexible zones that allow the shoe, and our foot, to flex at all the right spots, including at the ball or your foot and pressure points.


Ara Fusion4 Lace Up Sneakers
Bamboo is natural, thrives ecologically and is 100% biodegradable. Ara’s bamboo linings are soft to your feet, are highly breathable, provide up to 60% greater moisture absorption, dry up to 20% quicker than cotton, and have unique anti-bacterial properties.


Ara Rom High Soft White Gold Sneaker
High Soft construction deliver the comfort of a sneaker in flats and sandals. Super smooth soft-leathers, highly flexible soles and supple, padded innersoles create a super comfy walking experience.