Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens offer a range of different leathers in their footwear, so we've put together a guide to learn about the different types and help you find your perfect style.
Dr Martens Smooth Leather

Smooth Leather

The most iconic material used by Dr. Martens is their Smooth Leather, a corrected grain from Argentina. This leather is rigid to begin with, but will mould to your foot and become more comfortable with wear. We suggest wearing them for short bursts to begin with, rather than trying to break them in in one wear. This durable leather can be polished to maintain its initial smooth patina, or the natural scuffs that occur with wear can be maintained for a 'worn-in' look. 
Dr Martens Nappa Leather

Nappa Leather

A softer alternative to the Smooth Leather, the Nappa is a fine grain leather from Argentina that is treated to feel more supple with immediate wear. They will still require some time to wear in but should become comfortable and adapt to your individual foot shape with a few wears. 

Dr Martens Virginia Leather
Virginia Leather

The Virginia leather is a textured version of the Nappa leather, also treated and designed to feel more supple and soft straight away. Once again, we recommend easing into wearing them in rather than trying to break them in with one wear, but if you're eager to feel comfy in your new Docs as soon as possible the Virginia is a great option. This leather stretches well so if they feel a little snug to begin with they will give fairly quickly with wear.

Dr Martens Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather

Dr. Martens Vegan material is one of the best in the leather alternative game. The material is constructed from microfiber, a polymer-synthetic material, and the resemblance to real leather is striking. The material will soften up quicker than leather, but will still need gradual wearing in to avoid rubbing against the ankle and heel while the shoes adapt to the shape of your foot.

Gaucho/Crazy Horse Leather

Gaucho/Crazy Horse Leather

Gaucho/Crazy Horse is a full grain leather sourced from Thailand that features an alternative tanning method which allows for a waxy and creased aesthetic to develop with wear. The distressed brown upper will still require time to wear in as it is a thick leather, but the waxy finish results in a softer material than the smooth leather so they will wear in faster.

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