Buying shoes as a gift can be a daunting experience, involving all kinds of different numbers and terminology that is more complicated and confusing than it should be.
We're here to help you with some tips for finding the right size for your friend or relative without spoiling the surprise.
Tip #1: Use Their Other Shoes As A Clue
If you have access to their shoe collection, one of the best ways to sleuth their correct size is to check sizing on a similar style of shoe that you're purchasing for them.
Sneakers and other closed in shoes will often have different sizing to sandals so if you're buying sandals it's always helpful to check their size in an old pair of sandals or open shoes.
You can convert the sizes with sizing charts found on the webpage of the shoe style you're looking at, as different brands will convert shoe sizes differently.
If you're unsure, you can check a few different sizes from previous shoes and email us to get further advice.
Tip #2: Measure Their Foot
This isn't always the best option if you're trying to keep the gift a surprise, but if surprises aren't a concern this is by far the best way to receive accurate sizing advice, particularly for online shopping.
Our customer service team can help you by checking the measurements you provide with the exact shoe you're looking to purchase, and give you advice about the best sizing or width options where relevant.
You can email or call for sizing advice and if it's outside business hours we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also check the measurements against our sizing guides provided on the product pages. 
Tip #3: Phone A Friend
If you can't measure the gift recipient's foot or check their sizing, it might be worth asking someone who can to help you with your size investigation.
You can ask them to check the person's shoes to give you an idea of the best fit. If you're buying the shoes for a child who is still growing, it could be worth finding out from the child's mum or dad if they have recently had a growth spurt or could do with a pair of shoes that have some growing room, and consider going for a size bigger than what the child is currently wearing. 
Tip #4: Consult The Experts
At Bstore, we have many brands from all over the world, and the sizing is often unique to each brand, or even individual styles within a brand. We think this is a good thing, because it means that there is more to offer for feet of all shapes and sizes.
Taking a little more time to check the sizing information on the website and asking our friendly customer service team for their expert advice can help take the guesswork out of buying shoes for yourself or a loved one, so don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions. Nothing makes us happier than helping people find the perfect shoe with the perfect fit.
And remember, we offer refunds or exchanges with an extended returns period during the festive season, so if the sizing isn't quite right it's not the end of the world, and our friendly customer service team are available to help you with exchanging or refunding the shoes.