If you tend to throw on a pair of thongs when you leave the house, think again! Birkenstocks are not only easy to slide on and off, they will keep your feet comfortable and happy all day long.

Why are Birkenstocks different?

Birkenstocks have been designed to offer fantastic support for your feet. Each pair of shoes features a footbed that has been developed to reflect the natural, healthy shape of your foot but there is so much more to these shoes!

At the heel, there is a deep cup that holds your foot nice and firmly.

The arch support that goes crossways across the shoe is designed to shift the pressure from the center of the foot to the front, while the supports that run lengthwise help you to keep your balance and avoid  the wobbles as you walk.

At the toes you will find a toe gripping bar that helps your foot to roll naturally and increase the circulation in the toes.

The footbed of the sandals is made of a cork - latex material that is flexible and is incredibly comfortable, particularly once broken in, and the edging is elevated to protect your toes.

The lining or cover is typically made of suede which absorbs the natural sweats and oils from your feet to create a healthy environment for your tootsies.

Can your thongs do all of that? No way!

Birkenstocks have evolved over the years to continually deliver the best quality products with the highest possible support for your feet. So we can confidently say that they're good for your feet.

Here are a couple of extra tips for when you get your Birkenstocks home and to make sure you've picked the perfect size for your foot:

  1. Sit down, unbuckle the straps and place your feet in the shoes so your heels sit nicely in the heel cups.
  2. Check that there is about 5mm of space around your toes, heels and the sides of your feet to allow for natural movement and expansion.
  3. Buckle the straps so they're secure but not too tight.
  4. Stand up and take a walk! The footbed contours should correspond with your arches and the toe grips should fit comfortably under your toes.


If the sizing isn't right, we can exchange them for you - just make sure the shoes and box are free from marks and damage so we can sell them to another lucky person.