Often, people are looking for a shoe that is supportive, comfortable, and lets them walk for hours on end without hurting their feet. Birkenstock footbeds are made of strong cork/latex and are designed to create a healthy walking environment for your feet. Birkenstocks are a fantastic option for walking as they’re supportive, prevent pronation of the foot (which helps support the ankle), and they’re also shock absorbing. The cork/latex blend in the footbed is pliable and reacts to natural body warmth. Therefore, over time, the footbed moulds to the contours of an individual foot. The longer you wear Birkenstocks, the more comfortable they become. Birkenstock’s come with a basic orthotic design that follows the contours of a healthy foot. The contours provide support and prevent the collapse of arches, but allow for adaptation to the wearer’s foot while maintaining this support.
Birkenstock’s are so great for walking that one woman named Paula Constant walked from London to Africa and across the Sahara Desert for three years straight wearing only a single pair of Milano Birkenstocks! She walked for a total for 3 years and over 12,000 kilometres. While I doubt we’ll track this far in our pairs, it’s good to know they can last this long.

So, what exactly makes Birkenstock’s great for walking?

Well, they’re made from a cork-latex mixture that allows the shoes to mould to the contours of your feet. That’s great because it means you will have a shoe that is uniquely made for you foot. Additionally, Birkenstocks are designed to distribute your weight evenly across your feet. This reduces the loading on your joints and helps maintain your natural arch structure which reduces the effort required in walking. You should never try to conform your feet to a shoe but let the shoe mould to your foot conditions for the best support possible. Birkenstocks are designed with a wider fit to prevent bunions, blisters, and calluses because there should be room for your foot to sit naturally without restriction.

Don’t your Birkenstock’s slip off when you walk?

If you’re wearing your Birkenstock’s correctly you won’t have a problem! It is best to have the strap closest to your toe a little tighter to keep this on your foot.  Birkenstock’s have a toe bar that sits in the nook between your toe pad and the ball of your foot and with a little amount of grip applied here you won’t need to worry about them slipping off.