We all love the feeling of slipping into super comfortable shoes, though for Diabetics, finding the right level of comfort and support is also a matter of health management.
Diabetes can result in high blood pressure and poor circulation, which can cause nerve damage and neuropathy (pain, weakness or numbness) in the toes and feet. If left unchecked, this can lead to ulcers, infections and more serious complications.
Arcopedico L19
Arcopedico are a popular choice for Diabetics and people with sensitive feet or bunions. The soft, light and flexible construction and anatomical design minimises friction, promotes circulation, and absorbs shock while still supporting the arches and natural movement of the foot.
Arcopedico Features, Arcopedico L1
The removable footbed can also be washed or replaced to ensure a clean and hygienic foot environment, or to bring some Arcopedico comfort to your other shoes.