Birkenstock are the undisputed founders of the cork and latex footbed. The brand's rich family history dates back to 1774 when the first 'Birkenstock', Johan Adam Birkenstock, was listed in Langen-Berheim city church archives as a 'shoe-maker', and they have been perfecting their iconic footbed ever since.
So, what makes Birkenstocks so appealing, other than their uncanny ability to stay relevant for almost 250 years, effortlessly (and unapologetically) treading the space between on-trend, normcore, and the intrepid-traveller's best friend?
It all comes down to that timeless Birkenstock cork-latex footbed and ever enduring comfort and support.
The Birkenstock Footbed Toe Bar Grip and Large Toe Box
The raised toe bar on the Birkenstock Footbed supports the natural rolling motion of your foot. This, coupled with the roomy anatomically shaped toe box, allows your toes can spread out in their natural position so that your muscles, ligaments and bone structures are aligned, balanced and unencumbered from the toes up.
The Birkenstock Footbed Raised Footbed Edge
Birkenstock footbeds have a raised edge that protects the toes and feet as you move. The front of the footbed is also drawn up slightly to support the natural rolling motion of your foot - a feature that will continue to develop as they adapt to your feet and gait.
The Birkenstock Footbed Longitudinal Arch Support
The interior and exterior longitudinal arch supports run along the sides of the Birkenstock footbed to surround and support the tarsal bones, giving stability with every step.
The Birkenstock Footbed Transverse Arch / Metatarsal Support
The transverse arch support runs through the middle of the Birkenstock footbed to stabilise the metatarsal bone and help the foot take on a naturally straight and solid position that is balanced, strong and supported.
The Birkenstock Footbed Heel Cup and Heel Mould
The deep heel cup in the Birkenstock Footbed supports the foot tissue and holds the heel bone firmly in its natural position, so your foot and general alignment is stable and supported.
Likewise, the heel mould, cradles your heel to help activate the calf muscles, stabilise the back of the foot and improve gait, balance and coordination.
The Classic Birkenstock Footbed
The result - the iconic support and comfort of the Classic Birkenstock Footbed, anatomically designed to follow the shape and movement of your natural foot.