Earth-Friendly Footprints

Cork is just one of the sustainable materials used in the construction of the iconic Birkenstock footbed. Natural latex is used to bind the cork (2), two layers of jute provide flexibility and durability (1, 3), and water based, solvent free adhesives bring it all together. Top it off with a suede or animal-free lining (4) and the result - a truly supportive footbed that follows the contours of your feet, moves with you, and leaves a smaller eco footprint.

Sophisticated Slippers

Wool felt is among the oldest textiles in the world and is often the the go-to for creating warm slipper uppers. Combining a cosy wool upper with a Birkenstock footbed - the perfect combo for slippery comfort you can get away with at home or on the streets.

Toe-tally Supportive

The raised toe bar on the Birkenstock Footbed supports the natural rolling motion of your foot. Your toes can spread out in their natural position so that your muscles, ligaments and bone structures are aligned and unencumbered from the toes up.