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On average, people throw away a pair of shoes each every six months.  Across Australia, this adds up to over 40 million pairs each year, equivalent to over 13,000 tonnes of waste.  This waste which causes strain on the environment could easily be avoided be using shoe repair services.

While no shoe lasts a lifetime, with proper care and periodic repair Birkenstock shoes can provide you with years of comfort.  For our Birkenstock family brands, we are delighted to offer a full repair service both via mail order and within our shops.

We offer repair on partial and full soles, cork, suede replacement, buckle replacements, and much more, as well as replaceable innersoles and footbeds where available.

Click here to download a repair form including pricing. 

 Please note, if you are sending us your shoes for repairs, it takes approximately 4 weeks for them to be processed and sent back to you. This timeframe may be longer in the case of high demand. 

To help you determine what repairs you require, please find our repair descriptions below:

Resole: The most common repair, this is replacing the entire black EVA sole on the bottom of your shoe/sandal.

Heel/Toe Tabs: Do you wear either the front or back end of your sole faster - this is often the cheaper option.  We replace either end of the Black EVA sole on the bottom of the shoe.

Small Cork Repair: This is the repair of a small, not so deep crack in the cork part of your shoe - Maxiumum 2cm. Mostly common at the flex points.  This is carried out by, injecting a special cork/glue hybrid into the cracks before sanding back and finishing it with cork life sealant.

Large Cork Repair: Just the same as the small cork repair, but bigger! If your shoe has cracked in a few places or the crack itself is very deep, this is what you need.

Suede Lining Repair: This is the replacement of the thin suede lining on top of your sole where your foot sits - great for a pair of sandals that have had a lot of love and have gotten dirty underfoot.

Buckle replacement: This is the replacement of the buckle on your shoe or sandal - we use authentic Birkenstock buckles - please note that Papillio and Birkis buckles will be replaced with Birkenstock-branded buckles due to availability.

Gizeh Toe Plug replacement: If you have the Gizeh (thong style) Birkenstock, this repair refers to replacing the middle toe piece if it happens to come pop out.

Mayari Toe piece replacement: If you have the cross over style birkenstock (Mayari, Tabora, Lennox), this repair refers replacing the piece of leather that goes between your toe.

Sole replacement Supergrip: This is the replacement of the bottom sole of your shoes with the non slip ‘supergrip’ sole.

Kids Resize: Kids grow so fast, and keeping up with their growing feet can be expensive.  This is a great repair  service where we reuse the upper of the shoe and put it on the next size up new footbed - good for your wallet, and good for the environment! (Maximum 2 sizes bigger).

Adults Recycle: Also great for those that are environmentally conscious, or if you have a favourite pair of a now-discontinued style that you just can't bear to part with, we reuse the upper of your shoe and put it on a brand sole unit - including EVA outersole, footbed and suede lining.