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Taos Footwear draws inspiration from the natural beauty and creative culture of the American Southwest, and nowhere does that creativity and natural beauty flourish like Taos, New Mexico....Read More

Each of Taos Footwear’s designs reflects the cultural history of a city known for its rich artistic flavour; the city that gives the company its name is represented in the beautiful leathers and fabrics that act as a canvas for Taos Footwear’s signature intricate stitching and embellishment.

Taos Footwear’s dedication to the natural environment that inspires their designs is evident in everything from the shoe to the box -- each shoe is made using materials and manufacturing techniques that are environmentally friendly, and Taos shoes are packaged in boxes made with recycled stock and printed with soy-based inks. Best of all, Taos Footwear is cute but comfortable, on-trend but timeless, made from the best and most environmentally responsible materials and ready to take you from work to play without a pause.  Wrap it