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Papillio makes some of the most stylish and unique women’s shoes and sandals, it’s not hard to see why they’ve earned themselves such a good name. Known as the Fashion Birkenstock brand....Read More

Papillio retains their parent company’s dedication to extreme comfort and support and adds impeccable fashion sense on top, like a cocktail cherry.These sandals are made especially for women who want fun and fashionable sandals that they can wear with skirts and dresses, as well as shorts and trousers. 

Papillio the way to Perfection

Quality is king, but variety is almost, if not equally, as important for most of us. Papillio provides both in spades with an extensive and diverse range of fine sandals that vary in colour, pattern, and even sandal-top material. After all, the most comfortable sandal for one person might not be the best for everyone, and how else are you going to find your perfect sandal if we don’t offer a great selection?

If you browse through our range of Papillio footwear, we don’t doubt that you’ll find at least one pair that speaks to you. Our Papillio sandal selection includes luxurious flat colours, shiny and matte, as well as plenty of eye-catching patterns. The only thing that might slow you down is the overwhelming number of great styles to choose from!

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