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I-CLIP Slim Wallets

Men's wallets are typically bulky and disorganised.
The I-CLIP Slim Wallet is the perfect solution and really is the ideal gift for every man. 

Built in Germany with premium leathers, and high tech Robutense resin, the I-CLIP maximises storage space and functionality, while minimising bulk. The I-CLIP is lighter than a AA battery and can carry up to 12 cards, plus notes and receipts, all accessible within seconds.

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I-CLIP Slim Wallet Reviews

The I-CLIP surprised me, it has organised and simplified my wallet. I store it inside my money pouch to keep my cards organised, and use it as a wallet too!

- Lex

I think the I-CLIP are a great idea. Especially for travelling. I wish I got one before I went to Bali. They are so light and convenient and safe to use.
Awesome idea!

- Lauren

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