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El Naturalista

It’s hard to communicate the phenomenal quality and fine detailing that El Naturalista shoes are famous for through pictures on the web. These shoes are practically works of art....Read More

designed to maximise style, comfort and foot health through earth-friendly materials and a highly sustainable production process. People tend to be a little fanatical about their El Naturalistas, and if you look through our selection of modern, infinitely wearable styles, you’ll start to see why. You’ll understand even better once you’ve had a chance to pick up an El Naturalist shoe with your own two hands and examine it closely. Once you’ve owned a pair and experienced the beauty and comfort of these shoes for yourself, you’ll be a convert.

El Naturalista the influential footwear

It’s easy to love El Naturalista shoes, and it’s just as easy to love the company that makes them. More than 2% of their profits go to charities, and they also take on sponsorships and donate shoes to worthy causes. They are especially concerned with issues of education in developing nations, social justice and sustainability. Their shoes are produced through an assembly line process that minimises energy use, excludes toxic chemicals and utilises hand crafted detailing at many points. They incorporate natural materials like leather, jute, bamboo, cotton and cork, along with high tech and recycled materials. El Naturalista are shoes with a lot of thought and solid social values behind them.  Wrap it