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Croc's they sound Australian but in fact were created in Colorado as a shoe for boating. Crocs™ footwear has now become an industry leader and worldwide brand catering for the whole family.......Read More

Lightweight, Waterproof and Stinky Resistant

Crocs will take you anywhere and you will love the Croslite™, technology which gives you that soft, non-marking, odour free comfort, not to mention how lightweight they are. When you think Crocs you might think Clogs and you would be right, however they have come a long way since their first Crocs™ back in 2002, when you might have thought only the boating enthusiasts would be interested. Now everyone loves Crocs women, men and children and with more designs than ever you can choose what suits your lifestyle best whether it be sandals, thongs, shoes, even dress shoes, you can enjoy the Croslite™ comfort......Wrap it