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Who would have thought Bogs could protect your feet against the wet cold weather, keep them dry and warm and be suitable for all seasons, I’m not talking about muck, I’m talking about this fantastic brand of boots....Read More

Bogs Gumboots

Bogs are so confident with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, this means you can purchase a pair of Bogs Boots and be assured they are to the highest standard in comfort and quality. The company expanded in 2002, creating a line of durable, waterproof and comfortable footwear for farmers and agricultural industry, but they looked so good and kept your feet wonderfully warm and dry that even people who just liked to muck about in the garden, walk to the local market or watch their kids play sport purchased Bogs Gumboots. Bogs Wellies are made from Insulated, durable rubber with designs that look smart even for the most fashion conscious lady. Rain, hail or shine once you have owned a pair you won’t know how you lived without them, so don’t get bogged down, just get Bogs. And do you know what Bogs have to say? “If it’s not Bogs its crap” but don’t take their word for it decide for yourself. Wrap it