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Spending all day working on your feet, can be tough if you’re going to make it through a double shift, Alpro is especially designed for chefs and hospital workers...Read More

Comfort is key to Alpro Clogs

Alpro shoes allow you to simply slip them on and get on with your busy day. In fact, these shoes are so popular with hard working professionals many say they couldn’t be without them.

Each clog has a cushioned and replaceable footbed designed by Birkenstock, ensuring quality and reliability. In addition, the rugged and slip-resistant outer soles make work hazards like slippery floors and uneven surfaces do not affect your ability to get the job done. Indeed, safety is just as important as comfort when it comes to Alpro. Their products conform to the ISO specifications for safety, protective and occupational footwear, required in some workplaces.  Wrap it