Hospital workers need shoes that can take everything that humanity can throw at them and then some. Most hospital staff work long hours, and a great deal of this is on their feet. Consequently, shoes for working in a healthcare environment need to be robust, durable and above all, comfortable.

Medical environments also pose special challenges. Hospital workers need shoes that are tough enough to withstand bodily fluids without staining and that are easy to clean and dry. Good traction on freshly cleaned floors is incredibly useful, particularly on surgical and emergency duty.


Confortable Shoes and Clothes

Profi For Medical Professionals

Birkis have developed a great range of hard-working shoes for hard-working people. Building on the foundation of generations of German shoemaking expertise combined with podiatric knowledge, the key to Birkis' comfort is their brilliantly designed foot bed. As you’d expect from a sister company to Birkenstock Australia, Birkis’ foot beds offer as much support, balance and comfort as you could hope for.

Profi from Birkis combine these features with a loose clog fit for comfort and to allow for foot expansion over a long and busy working day. Made from a single piece of moulded polyurethane, the Profi is lightweight, so it doesn’t drag on the feet, but it’s also completely waterproof. Unlike some clogs, the back on this shoe is enclosed and high for extra support. As well as the deep tread necessary for stability and security, the insole is also completely removable and can be washed, so it’s not difficult to keep them fresh and clean.

Alpro C115SL

Another Birkenstock sister company, Alpro, offer a hard-working traditional leather clog; that is specially treated to withstand blood as well as grease, oil and water. The strap is entirely flexible, so it can be worn over the front of the shoe or flipped around to provide more heel protection and support. If you love your Birkenstocks, you’ll adore the classic Birkenstock cork foot bed of the Alpro C115SL.

For traction, the Alpro has an anti-slip rubber tread that is not only durable, it resists damage from oil and grease. To take care of these shoes, all you need do is wipe them down after each shift, particularly where the leather meets the rubber sole, to avoid the kind of damage that could cause the two materials to separate.

Crocs Bistro Black

If you are looking to add a new shoe to your working wardrobe, the latest range from Crocs could be a smart and affordable investment. The Crocs Bistro black has been developed with healthcare workers in mind.

Croslite, the revolutionary material Crocs are made from, is naturally lightweight so these shoes won’t add to the weight of your day and keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long. Better still, Croslite resists odour and is easy to clean and quick to dry, so they can be cleaned after a shift and worn again the next day.

The sole in these Crocs is orthotic and cleverly contoured for comfort and support, while the back of these shoes is partially open, with a back strap that can be moved up and down for comfort and to create support precisely where you need it most.

All of these brands offer a great choice of shoes suitable for working in healthcare, so if these options aren’t quite what you are looking for, browse through the rest of their ranges on Bstore today.