Hunter Wellies have been around for decades and their timeless style never ceases to amaze generations of fashionista all over the world.

Thinking of investing in one of the most versatile fashion staples of all time? Get started right here to find out which Hunter designs will suit you best!

Choosing and buying the right pair of Hunter Boots without trying them on can be a little tricky. Not only have you needed to be conscious of your foot length, but the boots’ calf size, knee size and height are also factors to consider.

Hunter boot celebrities

Foot length

The most commonly asked question that we get about Hunter Boots is: Are they true to size?

The short answer is Yes.

Most people find that their size in Hunter Boots is the same as their other shoes. Keeping in mind that these are gumboots, you will find them roomy across the foot around the ankle and rightfully so, to allow you to get them on and off.

When in doubt, always measure your feet using our size guide. Remember: Ideally, the insole length should be a slightly more than your foot length.

If you intend to wear your Hunter boots with Hunter socks, you may consider going half a size up in your boots.

Calf size

Now this is where it gets a little complicated. If you have a normal size calf, perfect! Any Hunter Original Tall should fit you like a glove!

If you have big calves like mine, you will really appreciate the Hunter adjustable styles. These boots come with a gusset on either the side or the back which is exactly what you need, especially when you try to tuck your jeans inside your boots!

The hardest thing about tall boots is getting them on and off. That’s where the Hunter Slim Zip Wellington boots will be your life-saver! They come with a zip that runs from your ankle all the way up. These sleek-looking wellies although appear slimmer, you will be surprised to know the calf size is not very different from Hunter Original boots!

Do you have particularly skinny calves? Then the Hunter Regent will be your best choice. Unlike the Hunter Original, there’s noticeable narrower around the calf. Not to mention they are probably the most stylish gumboots you ever laid eyes on too!

Hunter Regent Savoy

Boot Height

Petite women sometimes find Hunter Original Tall finish too high on their knees, which proportionally doesn’t look right. There are a couple of solutions to this problem. You can always opt for the Original Short or Chelsea boots, then put on the calf measurement worries to bed.

Alternatively, some Hunter Children Original Boots do come up to size US 5, which is the equivalent of EU 36. While the foot length can be the same across the adult boots and the kids’ version, you may find that the children boots not as tall. Mind-blowing, right?

Hunter Original Adult vs Children Boots

PHOTO: Mrs Thrifty Kristy Blog

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