Hunter gumboots are a British classic boot that have gained a following worldwide. The creation and sale of Hunter Wellington Boots in Original Tour Green during both World Wars is really what made the company, and the fashion, an international favourite. Since their creation, Hunter Wellingtons have been worn and endorsed by everyone from royalty to celebrities. A large part of their popularity is due to the absolute practicality of a water-proof rubber boot, but it helps that they're pretty fashionable, too! You might be surprised to learn everything that goes into the creation and construction of these sensible, stylish, yet straightforward rain boots.

Hunter Boot Range

Vulcan: the god of rain boots?

Vulcanised rubber is part of what gives Hunter gumboots their signature durability, resilience, and suppleness, and of course it’s what makes them water-proof. Yes, vulcanised, as in Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, metalworking and volcanoes. Basically, that means that sulphur and rubber are heated until they bond to make the rubber stronger, less brittle and more malleable. However, it was the owner of the company that became Hunter Boot, Ltd., not the Great God Vulcan, who forged that rubber into a tough and functional boot.

Most of the 28 individual pieces that make up an original Hunter gumboot are crafted out of vulcanised rubber. The upper part of the boot is rubber dipped latex, which makes them very resistant to tearing. The lining is a tough yet comfortable nylon rain-boot lining, and the footbed is a reinforced cushioned sponge. High traction, impact resistant lugs make up the outer sole. The whole boot is designed to make whatever hard work you're doing easier by providing comfort and protection in equal measure. And now, Hunter has applied the excellent design of the original boot to new boots in an array of colours and styles. Hunter Wellies are available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, so everyone in the family can have at least one pair.

Hunter Boot

Made for protection

Suppose someone asks you, ‘What are you made of?’ It's a hard question to answer, isn't it? You might say, ‘Well, I'm made of 60% water’, or perhaps you'd say, ‘I’m made of hard work and determination’. Both are correct, but what you're made of is more than what you're composed of. And like you, Hunter gumboots are more than just the sum of their parts.

Hunter Wellies are made for the mud and muck from the farm, garden soil, and rock dust from the mines. They're made for every wet floor you have to mop at the end of a shift, dirty wintertime snow, and sticky, damp autumn leaves from the trail. They're even made for just splashing about in rainy day puddles. No matter when you use your Hunter gumboots, you can be sure that your feet will be warm, dry and comfortable. And whether you like your Wellies tall or short, glossy or textured, classic or colourful, BStore has a Hunter gumboot just for you!