Bstore for Shoes

Any shoe store can sell you a pair of shoes. At BStore, we’re in the business of selling you shoes you will love. It’s a big difference, and one you’ll feel when you buy your first pair of shoes from us. We’re all about helping you find the perfect pair of shoes for you: shoes that fit your lifestyle and your own personal style. So kick off your uncomfortable, unsupportive, or just plain ugly shoes and get ready to be connected with the right shoes for your life!

The Chillster

You’re the guy who’s not ashamed to wear Crocs with socks or the gal who doesn’t own a single pair of heels and has no intention of buying any. You’re laid back and confident enough to go for comfort, no matter what everyone else is wearing. Go ahead and buy that pair of Birkenstocks, mister, and wear them with white athletic socks, or pick up a pair of Fitflops for men. Yes, Fitflops for men are a thing, and you’re going to love them. Ladies, look for Crocs of your own or take a look at our great collection of Arcopedico flats, Mary Janes and boots. Not only will we not judge, we’ll thank you, for looking after your feet.

The Outdoorsy Types

Maybe you run. Maybe you hike. Maybe you bike. Whatever you do outdoors, you need shoes that are supportive, comfortable and durable. That’s where Bstore comes in, providing you outdoorsy types with the best selection of Keen and Merrell shoes in Australia. Favourites of granola-crunchers and sporty types alike, Keen and Merrell both offer full lines of great quality shoes, trainers, sandals and boots for men and women, so whatever kind of outdoorsy you might be, you’ll find what you need.

The On-Your-Feet-All-Day Professionals

Chefs, nurses, teachers… if you are tired of having tired feet at the end of the day, we feel your pain, and that’s why we offer Alpro, Birkis and Skechers professional shoes and clogs. They will give you all the support, comfort and slip-resistant safety you need to get your job done: all without aching feet!

The Smart Fashionistas (And the Men Who Love Them)

Just because you’re interested in comfortable, supportive and stable shoes, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to forego fashion completely. You demand gorgeous, fashion-forward shoes, made of the very best materials, but they must also be comfortable and easy to wear. It sounds like a tall order unless you’re browsing our site; we’ve got you covered. There’s no sacrificing style for support when you put on a pair of El Naturalista boots or some funky platform sandals or retro-chic heels from Miz Mooz. Men who want to look great from head to toe: Stay chic with some Merrell Freewheel lace ups or a pair of sleek Sketchers boots.