From the dawn of civilisation, the image of an ideal woman has often been accompanied by the most troublesome of accessories: the uncomfortable shoe! From foot binding in ancient China to Venetian platform chopine shoes to twentieth century stilettos, women have long been plagued by the idea that they have to sacrifice healthy and comfortable feet for the sake of fashion.

Status symbol to everyday wear

Women from wealthy families all over the world have traditionally led the trend toward uncomfortable yet aesthetically appealing foot fashions. Delicate, restrictive and painful shoes forced elite women’s feet to look smaller or outright reshaped them. This made it obvious that wealthy women were not required to do anything, physically, by preventing them from moving freely and confidently. Small feet showed that you didn't spend much time walking or working; unlike lower status women, you didn't have to. Women with physically active jobs—mothers, farmers, merchants and craftswomen—could not function well in a fashion that didn't allow them to move freely, and that was entirely the point.

Skyscraper Heels?

We see echoes of that even in today's shoe choices. Women still totter on sky high heels to conform to what we consider sexy and beautiful. If your heart is set on heels for a special event, at least now you have a choice; there are better engineered high heels now, as well as formal shoes that won’t threaten your balance and stability.

You won't find deadly stilettos here at Bstore, but if you want some heels that don't feel like medieval torture devices, we have plenty of options. For career wear, your best bet is either Naturalizers or Hush Puppies, although Clarks has some nice formal shoes, too. Miz Mooz has a few career-appropriate choices, but even better, they’ve designed a large selection of cute and fashionable heels and sandals fit for a day or night on the town. A good example is the Carmen Black Wedge. It has a sassy little ankle strap and a delicate flower detail, but its best feature is its comfortable fit!

Values have changed

In prior centuries, not walking meant you were rich, well-cared for.... and just one of many possessions that demonstrated your father’s or husband's status and power. The first part may sound good, but if your reaction to that last statement was ‘Yuck!’ then you are a perfect example of how things have changed. Women these days value independence, strength, and mobility more than ever before. Few women today dream of watching life go by from a pedestal. We are active participants in our own lives.

Being active is hard to do when it's uncomfortable to walk, so Bstore brands make comfortable shoes meant for moving. Whether that means working in Klouds or working out in Skechers; a leisurely stroll in FitFlop or a blood-pumping hike in Merrells; shopping in Taos or dinner and a movie in Miz Mooz, your feet will be cooler, more comfortable and healthier than ever before in history!