Miz Mooz Ankle Boots

Autumn is the cosiest season; everything seems softer, warmer and richer. Chilly mornings and foggy days make it a pleasure to wrap up a little more, but they also mean it's time to put away the sandals you’ve lived in all summer. Dressing for the cooler weather can be tricky. You have as much chance of a misty, dark day as one of brilliant sunshine, and while some people are lighting the fireplace for the first time, others are still sweltering. There's rain, and there’s wind that shakes the leaves off the trees and sends them skipping along the pavement. You'll need a good selection of autumn shoes to help you navigate around puddles and take you from warm days to cooler nights.

Daily commute

Even if you don't walk to work, your workday probably involves some walking. It might be from the train station to the office, it might be back and forth to the printer, or it might be because you had to park in the spot furthest from the door. Maybe you're on your feet all day long, helping customers. However much walking you have to do, you need comfortable, supportive work shoes, and it helps if they look good, too!

Now is the perfect time for a pair of low, smart booties that will go with skirts or trousers equally well. You'll love the cute ankle boots from El Naturalista. Try the ankle boots N472 with buckle detail (a staff favourite!) or the Miz Mooz Octavia boots. For the blokes, why not trade in your plain black work shoes for a rich fall colour? Try Sketchers cushioned Dewsbury Chukka boots in Maple.

Dinner and a movie

An evening out in autumn usually means you'll need a jacket or jumper after the sun goes down. It also means you might have very unhappy, cold feet if you wear a thin or strappy style. You've gotta have heels and you've got to look good, so what's a girl to do? Turn to Miz Mooz. They have lovely shoes that cover a bit more of your feet without sacrificing an inch of elegance or style. You’ll love the lacy edges of Carissa or the impact of Charlotte in Red. You'll be comfortable, warm and stunning.

Weekend fun

Autumn is a great time for festivals, carnivals, and other fun times. People love to take advantage of the cooler weather and get out and about. From horse races to art and food festivals, there are plenty of fall activities to enjoy, and of course you'll want comfortable footwear.

For lots of walking or standing, men and women both will love Birkenstocks clogs for ultra comfort and ease. Men, try the Boston Clog; it’s a classic for a reason. Women, try the Amsterdam Felt Navy Vegan Clogs. Both shoes are great for around the house or around the neighbourhood. If you need a bit more coverage and grip, then opt for some low, comfortable boots like Merrell Allout Evade for men or El Natura N722 for women.