At Bstore, we always try to think of ways to enhance your shopping experience; from ease of ordering on our website, fantastic customer service, simple exchanges/returns to speedy delivery.

One of the break-through developments in 2014 was the introduction of a mobile-optimised website, making shopping absolutely effortless from your phone or tablet.

At your convenience

It seems like these days everyone has a smart phone handy, and we use it for more things than we could even imagined 10 years ago. From keeping up with friends on social media, checking the news, browsing recipes for dinner or streaming music, we spend more time on our phones than any other devices; simply because it can do it all.

It’s no surprise more and more of us are using mobiles or tablets to research for products and make purchases online. Within just a few clicks, now you can look up products on Google, pay securely and get your parcel delivered straight to your front door.

Convenience is the main reason why we shop online. Bstore has embraced it and make it even easier with our mobile ecommerce site.

When you enter our website from a mobile or tablet devices, you will automatically be redirected to the mobile-friendly interface which basically have all the things you need, but redesigned and organised to enhance your mobile shopping experience.

You will notice the products photos are bigger, buttons are easier to press, categories are clear and organised for quick browsing. Literally, all the navigating functions are at your fingertips. If you have a specific style in mind, the search bar is conveniently located at the top, allowing you to get right to it!

Just in time

Whether it’s Saturday morning at your kids’ sports game, or on a quiet evening while you’re chilling on the couch, it’s never been easier to browse new shoes and order them straight from your Iphone, IPad or Android devices.

More often than not, when you receive your weekly VIP emails with news and offers, it’s the matter of minutes before your favourite shoes fly out of the door. From experience, we know that nothing hurts more than the shoes you didn’t buy in time. To prevent this devastating situation to occur, you can always get to them first on mobile, even while you are on the go!

For popular items that only available in limited quantity like Birkenstock Papillio for instance, waiting is never recommended. Blink and they will be gone. So don’t procrastinate, get on your phone quickly to make sure what’s meant to be yours is yours.