Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, calluses and corns; the list of ailments caused by ill-fitting and impractical shoes is seemingly endless. Yet, increasingly, the shoes in the big-name stores seem to resemble complicated torture chambers rather than helping humanity to travel from A to B in comfort and style.

Bstore, of course, is different. We sell shoes that make your feet smile. So why should you say goodbye to sky-scraper heels, floppy thongs and flimsy flats?

Get Rid of Uncomfortable Heel

1. Foot Pain

The number-one cause of foot pain is ill-fitting shoes, and no-one likes to be in pain. Common issues include wearing shoes that are too narrow or wide. Different brands vary widely in this regard, so try as many different styles and brands as you can. Brands like FitFlop will indicate to customers whether a particular shoe is narrow or wide in fit, so get to know your feet and seek out suitable shoes. 

2. Corns and Calluses 

Corns and calluses are ultimately the same thing – thick layers of skin that have formed to protect pressure points. You are likely to suffer from these if your shoes pinch or rub in a particular area. Choose shoes that allow your feet to spread without friction and rubbing. 

3. Ingrown Toenails

The very thought makes toes curl, but the most common cause is wearing shoes that are too short in length or that place undue pressure on the toe area. Avoid shoes with pointed toes and keep your toenails trimmed. 

4.Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a major cause of heel pain. It is characterised by the inflammation of a tendon in your foot and exacerbated by wearing shoes with unsupportive soles, like cheap flats and thong sandals. Look for brands that offer cushioning and arch support. Merrell, for example, has a range of great-looking shoes with cushioned soles and flexible support.

5. Structural Stability

Sometimes shoes that seem comfortable can do as much harm as uncomfortable shoes. You might not have noticed your running shoes gradually losing their shock absorbency, but it’s absolutely necessary to update your running shoes every six months or so. To make the transition easier, buy your new pair before you get rid of your old and swap between them for a few weeks.

6. Safety

Not all uncomfortable shoes are sky-high platform heels, but super-high heels aren’t just hazardous to your long-term foot health; they can be dangerous. On weekend nights, hospitals see an influx of partiers with broken ankles, smashed knees and even dislocations due to falls in high heels. A twisted ankle or an uneven footpath is all it takes, and the resulting injuries are notoriously painful and slow to heal. 

There’s bound to be a comfortable, high quality Bstore shoe that will match any outfit and fit the bill for any occasion, so clear out your shoe cupboard clutter today and shop at Bstore to put a spring back in your step.