It’s almost here! Summer’s finally almost here! Before you bring out your Birkenstocks, fit your new FitFlop or take out your favourite thongs, don’t forget about your snuggly winter boots. Time and energy invested now in getting your boots into perfect condition for storing away until next autumn will pay dividends when you open up a pristine pair of winter boots next year.

Hunter Boots Original Tall Gloss Steel Blue Boots

Your winter boots have to put up with a lot, so before you pack them away, you need to lavish them with TLC. You need to tailor this care to the materials used in your boot, but whatever they are made of, the most important thing is to make sure they are as clean as possible. Brush or wipe them down, polish if appropriate and spray with a protective coating. Find a location to store them that is away from direct heat and light sources to avoid fading and cracking. 

Readying Rain Boots

Getting your gumboots ready for a summer of hibernation couldn’t be easier. Hunter Boots have been built to last and are incredibly easy to keep clean. Wipe them down lightly first and then apply Hunter boot buffer to protect against bloom and remove dirt effectively. 

To add extra shine to Hunter boots with a gloss finish, use the Hunter sponge shine to bring the sparkle back. Store Hunter boots upright, ideally in a soft fabric bag to protect the rubber from light and heat exposure.

Hug Your Uggs

Suede boots, such as those by Ugg Australia, FitFlop and Emu need a different approach to protect the sheepskin surface. To clean your ugg boots, moisten the boots all over using a damp sponge dipped in clean, cold water. Use a mild cleaner on the sponge to cleanse the surface of the boot and tackle stains. Be careful to use gentle, circular blotting motions, rather than aggressive rubbing. Vigorous rubbing could damage the nap of the suede on the boots. 

Finally, remove the cleaning product residue with another sponge. Stuff each boot with crumpled paper to ensure they hold their shape and leave them to dry, away from direct heat and light, for at least a day. Once your boots are completely dry, brush them gently with a suede or nubuck brush, concentrating on brushing in the same direction to raise the nap.  Finally, spray your boots with a suede and nubuck protector and put them away for the winter.

Loving Your Leather

Leather boots are often well cared for, thanks to regular polishing. Before winter, treat any stains and scuff marks by rubbing them with a water and baking soda paste, wipe them down and then polish and buff. As with suede, spray with a waterproof protector to protect the surface before storing them for next year. Good work. You’re all done. Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine!