A shoe should always fit snug, whether it is regular fit shoes or narrow fit shoes. As a smart consumer, you should always make an effort to find the right shoe. The size of your shoe depends on what brand you want. European and American shoe sizing can often be challenging! If you have no idea about European or American shoe sizes, you might go home with a shoe that does not fit well. You should ask a customer service person if the shoes follow either European or American sizing, keeping in mind US sizing is the same as our very own Australian sizing. That way, you can have an accurate choice before you make the purchase.

Shoe Sizing

When you enter a shoe store that has both European and American sizing, you should check out their size guide. This will often give you an idea of Foot length, Euro and US sizing so you can compare and make the right decision before you purchase. You may have to measure your feet first to be sure.

Foot Measurement

Getting the right regular fit shoes or narrow fit shoes is important, if you want to achieve comfort. That is why it is vital for you to know your shoe size, even before you check out the shoes at the local shoe store. Here are the basic steps in measuring your foot properly:

  • Stand with your heel against a straight edge or a wall. See to it that you are standing on a level surface.
  • Measure your foot with a straight ruler. You can place it along the side of your foot or under your foot. Place your heel at “0 cm”.
  • Place a flat –edged object or another ruler at the tip of your longest toe to the calibration on the ruler. This accurate measurement shall give you your right foot length.

If you end up with a half size, choose a larger size. For example, if your foot measures 7 ½, then you should choose a size 8 were half sizes are not available. Also, measure both your feet because one foot is usually bigger than the other.

Difference between Regular and Narrow Fit Shoes

If you have a wide foot bed, regular fit shoes should serve you just fine. On the other hand, narrow fit shoes are for those with narrow foot beds. If you are a female with a narrow foot bed, look for AA (2A) or AAA (3A) sizes. If you are a male with a narrow foot bed, look for a shoe, labelled with a C size. Men with a wide foot bed should look for the E label, while females should look for a D or a C label. If you require more width for your foot bed, look for EEE or EE size shoes.

Having the right fit in the shoes you choose, helps you be more comfortable. We all know that awkward walk when your feet are either squashed, or flopping around in clown shoes.

Talk to the foot-sizing expert at your local shoe store and determine if you need regular fit shoes or narrow fit shoes for work and play. Your feet will thank you!