Investing in a great new pair of shoes feels fantastic when they first arrive box-fresh, but Bstore wants our customers to keep that new shoes feeling for as long as possible. That’s why our online store stocks a great selection of products specially designed to care for your new shoes and keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Shoe Polish and Brush


Caring For Natural Materials

Suede and leather shoes require regular cleaning and polishing to prevent the natural materials cracking, scuffing and staining. While polishing often works well for plain leather shoes, a milligram of prevention beats a kilogram of cure. Before you first wear any pair of leather or suede shoes, it’s wise to protect them from the weather with a water-resistant spray. 

Suitable for all garments and shoes made of fabric or leather, Shucare’s water and stain repellent is a household essential and one that can prevent costly damage and staining. This protective spray dries almost instantly and is simple and quick to apply. It’s well worth keeping a can in your shoe cupboard for a rainy day.

If the damage has already been done, don’t panic. Bstore stocks two varieties of shampoo for suede and nubuck shoes and boots.  Shucare’s shampoo does a great job of removing surface dirt and can be worked into the fabric using an old toothbrush to lift stubborn marks. Wipe off any residue with a damp cloth and you’re done and dusted. Waproo products are developed and manufactured right here in Australia, and their fabric shampoo offers a gentle but reliable way to clean all kinds of fabric.

Special Shoe Care Ranges

As well as good all-round products such as those from Shucare and Waproo, Bstore also stocks cleaning accessories tailor-made for our bestselling shoe brands. Hunter boots have produced two key cleaning products for their waterproof rubber boots and shoes. The Hunter boot sponge shine helps to keep boots gleaming and removes the white bloom that can develop on natural rubber boots. Provided in its own protective case, the sponge shine can be stored with your boots for an instant fix.

 If your Hunter gumboots need more than a sponge-down, consider investing in the Hunter boot buffer. This effective, yet gentle, spray cleaner helps to remove tough dirt from your boots and can prevent bloom recurring.

 Birkenstock sandals are designed to last for years, and Bstore offers customers a comprehensive repair service to keep them going for as long as possible. However, there is one simple product you can use to extend the life of your Birkenstocks. Birkenstock Kork-pledge Cork Life is designed to protect and nourish the natural cork on the base and sides of your Birkenstock sandals. Completely non-toxic and invisible once dry, Cork Life is easy to apply and should be used whenever your cork sandals have lost their shine. The product has been specially developed by Birkenstock to feed the cork used in their shoes and prevent it from drying out.

There are more care tips for shoes on the Bstore blog, so take a look if you need help and advice on maintaining or restoring your favourite pair.