Australians throw away around 40 million pairs of shoes every year. That’s one pair of shoes every six months for everyone in the country. All those sandals, boots and shoes add up to around 13,000 tonnes of waste, much of which goes into landfills and puts pressure on our planet’s natural resources. 

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Bstore Can Fix Your Birkenstocks

Bstore wants to be part of the solution to this waste problem. The first way Bstore makes a difference is by stocking well-made shoes that are built to last. Indeed, many of the companies whose shoes we stock use sustainable and recycled materials in their products to further reduce their impact on the environment. 

There is no shoe that can outlast the human body, but with proper care and periodic repairs, well-made shoes crafted form high-quality materials—like Birkenstocks—can offer years of comfort. With this aim in mind, if you buy a pair of shoes from the Birkenstock range of brands, Bstore offers a comprehensive repair service to both online and in-store customers. The Birkenstock Australia range includes Birkenstock, Birki’s, Betula, Papillio, Tatami and Alpro.

Bstore Shoe Repairs

The first step in arranging a repair is to download our repairs form and fill in the information on the nature of the repair required. Just about every part of any Birkenstock shoe can be repaired. The soles (either wholly or in part), the cork, suede linings and buckles, innersoles and foot beds: they can all be fixed. Our most commonly requested repair is a resole: replacing all of the EVA black sole on the base of your Birkenstock shoe or sandal.

Over time, especially if left untreated, the cork in Birkenstock sandals can become cracked or worn. From small surface cracks at your shoe’s flex points to deep grooves and holes to the maximum of 2 cm, the procedure for repairing cork is simple. Once the area has been cleaned, our expert cobblers inject a special solvent and cork mixture into the damaged area. The repair is then sanded smooth and the entire sole treated with cork sealant. To extend the life of your Birkenstocks and avoid costly repairs, we strongly recommend using a simple cork care product on a regular basis.

There’s also a series of cosmetic repairs that Bstore experts offer. Grubby suede linings can be replaced, battered buckles banished and replaced by beautiful new Birkenstock branded ones and toe posts swapped for shiny new supports.

Finally, we have drastic options to rescue beloved Birkenstocks from the recycling bin. For children whose feet have outgrown their sandals long before they have begun to wear out, we can remove the upper and put it on a new foot bed in the next size up, or even two sizes up. That’s good for the environment and great for your wallet. 

If you can’t bear to part with your favourite pair, send them in and we’ll add a totally new sole, including cork foot bed, suede lining and EVA outer sole. Ta-dah! Favourite shoes without the fuss.