There are a lot of things that can cause foot pain. Some are serious medical issues, but many are simply caused by going about activities in our daily lives in the wrong kinds of shoes. Foot problems can affect the proper functioning of other parts of the body, as well. Choosing the right shoes can help you stomp out common foot and walking problems. Prior to any expensive treatments, why not see if a good orthotic-friendly shoe will help correct your issues?

What is an orthotic-friendly shoe, you ask? It’s a shoe that has been designed with the function of the whole body specifically in mind. They have been engineered using modern technology to give you the best support you can get without a prescription.

How orthotic-friendly shoes can help

Having orthotic-friendly shoes doesn’t mean you're ancient, it just means you don't enjoy painful feet, knees and hips, or a sore back! You want to get the most out of each and every step you take. Orthotic-style shoes help by correcting common foot problems that cause pain. They use proper support to prevent gait issues that cause knee and hip pain, and they absorb and distribute impact shock to prevent injury. Correcting these relatively simple things reduces stress and stabilises your body from the sole up, reducing pain and other symptoms in the process.

Good-for-you shoes

People with plantar fasciitis caused by flat feet should try a pair of Birkenstocks. Their cork footbed has a thick pad right under the heel, arch and it cushions, supports and moulds to your feet. The styles with a heel strap add extra stabilisation and adjustability.

FitFlops are great for those who want a casual shoe to help strengthen their leg muscles, which can prevent or improve issues with gait. The thicker sole under the toe actually provides a little bit of propulsion as you take a step, taking stress off the big toe joint.

Change this to: Arcopedico Clarks and Merrell are two more shoe brands with engineered soles that flex with your foot. The soles are a bit thinner, but that allows you to have a much more natural gait, correcting painful problems caused by forcing your feet into unnatural patterns. Merrells, in particular, are a favourite of very physically active people.

Since Bstore is all about happy feet, most of our shoes are orthotic-friendly. You'll probably want to research your symptoms to see what shoes might be best for you, but this general guide has hopefully helped you to get started.

Give 'em a chance

One thing to remember about shoes that change the way you walk is they may feel a little uncomfortable at first because there’s support where there wasn't before, and they may be realigning your gait. Give your feet a chance to be happy; wear the shoes for a bit, and you might start to notice your problems starting to disappear!