Picking the right pair of ladies boots is important when you are dealing with wet cold weather. You want to make sure that the boots can handle being rained on, and you can splash through puddles. You also want to make sure that the shoes are going to help you safely walk on slippery surfaces.

If the wet weather in your area tends to be cold as well as wet, consider lined boots that will help protect your feet from being cold and wet. If your weather is typically warm and humid, consider boots that allow your feet to breath while still protecting them.

The soles of the boots are just as important as what protects the tops and sides of your feet. Consider where you are planning on walking and pick a sole that will provide you with the traction you need to navigate through puddles and on wet slippery surfaces. Finally, make sure the boots are high enough to handle keeping your feet dry for any serious puddles. These considerations will provide you with an excellent idea of the perfect type of boots to ensure your feet will be comfortable and you will be able to walk safely in wet weather.

Your favourite wet weather women’s boots should be comfortable, secure around your foot, tall enough to tackle the deepest puddle, and safe enough to walk on wet slippery floors. Taos Bolero ankle boots are an example of this. These boots are perfect for winter or wet weather conditions. The soles are rubberized to ensure you don’t slip or fall while walking. The ankle has lovely accents and a zipper to help with getting the shoe on and off your foot and the leather will cover your foot keeping it protected from the elements.

If you are looking for something a little longer, check out the Miz Mooz Ninette Ankle boot. This ladies boot features a heel and a little more height to the body of the shoe. This style brings back the feel of Victorian era women’s shoes with a decidedly modern twist, featuring larger buttons and a semi-military style. The height is perfect if you are in an area with lots puddles, standing water, or heavier snow drifts. The soft leather is perfect for protecting your feet from the weather and despite the higher heel than you find on most ankle boots the sole is rubberized and the heel is wide instead of narrow to offer increased stability.

These favourite examples of ladies boots are the perfect way to add a fashionable boot to your wet weather wardrobe. Check them out today!