I can hear your feet now just quivering at the thought of cold morning floors and winter chills. Some of us even experience our toes going white and we know it’s time for a pair of warm cosy wool slippers or boots. I can’t think of anything better than wearing my Emu wool slippers, I even find myself thinking about them while I’m driving home, my feet sliding into my favourite Sheepskin Scuffs like the Emu Eden Slippers at the end of the day.

Emu Sheepskin Boots are perfect for keeping the cold out, while the natural wool provides your feet with a breathable dry home to snuggle in. Better still you can now buy Waterproof Ugg boots too like the Tasman Mini Ugg Boot. Did you know that when we state waterproof we mean it! The sole is attached with specially formulated waterproof adhesive, a waterproof suede binding finish and seam sealed. Inside or outside Emu have got you covered literally.

Did I mention Children’s boots? That’s right you will find the largest range of kid’s Sheepskin Boots by Emu. The well-known Little Creatures Range and the Classic kids Ugg Boots provide something for the little ones in your life, boys and girls alike will love just them.

If you have ever owned a pair of quality women’s or men’s sheepskin boots you wouldn’t hesitate to replace your old pair because you would know they not only last, they are good for your feet too.  You just can’t beat the qualities of natural wool for regulating temperate, keeping your feet dry and warm no matter the season, so if you suffer from bad circulation, sheepskin footwear is the best investment you can make. Don’t hesitate a moment longer get yourself a pair of Slippers, Scuffs whatever you prefer to call them, or a pair of Boots. Take a look at the Emu Range and you will find they cater for all tastes and needs from Short Boots like the Albina Women's Sheepskin Boots, and the Original Ugg Boots, waterproof or not Bstore have everything your feet are wishing for this winter.