Getting the right mix of shoes when on holiday without taking up your whole suitcase or throwing your luggage over the weight threshold can be a fine balancing act. After years travelling for work and enjoying some pretty great holidays too, the one thing I spend time thinking about when packing are my shoes.

Too many will break my back and too few will leave me annoyed I can’t participate in all the activities that might present themselves. Using these simple techniques and asking yourself these questions before you pack will allow for stress free travelling.

Practical meets style and versatilely

The first step is to consider comfort, as with most holidays and business trips you are going to be on your feet a lot and possibly carrying many bags with you. Make sure you have good supportive shoes that can handle all types of surfaces. Trying to walk in stiletto’s on a coble stone street or getting on and off trains in heels would not be ideal.

If you are like me, you like a bit of height and style but want the freedom and comfort of a flat sole, wedge shoes can look sophisticated for work, day or evening and be versatile enough to walk on that coble stone street too.

A wedge like the Miz Mooz Carmen Wedges  will provide style and a flat sole or check out the brand FitFlops known for their comfort, you can walk all day in these and they look great by the pool too!

Then there is Birkenstock a worldwide fashion trend with the added bonus of being extremely good for your feet, recommended by podiatrists around the globe. Try the much loved Arizona sandals, they may not provide much height but they are stylish, practical and your feet will love them.

Foldable Shoes for easy space saving packing

Let’s not forget the winter traveller, there are a number of great options like the foldable original tour hunter boots perfect for wet or snowy conditions.

Brands such as Acropedico are dedicated to your feet with great arch support and easy care, also designed to fold up making them the perfect travel companion or Bernie Mev, easy to fit into your case “they bounce back into shape” and super comfortable for all day wear.

The outdoor traveller can’t go without

Thinking of a more adventurous trip? you might need a more relaxed casual shoe that can handle some out of town fun, something like the Merrell Barrado’s They are light and don’t take up much room in your suitcase with antimicrobial treatment against bacteria and odour, along with removable insoles they are easy to keep fresh while travelling.

Skechers go walk 3 are also a great light weight sporty sneaker with cushioning support and are breathable. No need to worry if they get wet either as they dry out superfast and can be put in the washing machine.

How to best pack for optimum space

Once you have determined what types of shoes fit with your travel plans, there is working out how to best pack them for optimum space:

1)      I find stuffing your socks into your shoes a great space saver, it will also help protect your shoes from getting damaged and squashed in your bag.

 2)      Try to wear the bulkiest and heaviest shoes when in transit, to keep the weight of your bag down and it saves your back from carrying unnecessary weight too.

 3)      Limit the number of shoes you take 3-4 maximum:

  • Versatile yet stylish shoes or sandals
  • Light weight easy to pack shoes or boots
  • Casual outdoor shoes for long walks or out of town activities
  • Don’t forget to allow room for more purchases!

Happy journeys start with preparation so you can simply enjoy your holidays and be ready for anything that tickles for fancy, safe travelling.