Finding the right fitting shoes can take a long time. Comfort and optimal foot health should always come first when shoe shopping. Not only is finding the right shoes more comfortable for day to day wear, but whether or not you know if, you have the added benefit of preventing a number of medical issues such as vascular disorders, arthritis, and foot disorders.

Foot problems are common when you choose the wrong shoes and you should take note of this when you go shoe shopping. We’ve put together a list of common tips to help you make sure you choose the right shoe fit for you:

  1. Measure your feet before you buy shoes. Purchase your shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are expanded. If you buy your shoes in the morning, you might end up with tight-fitting shoes.
  2. Use your bigger foot in fitting the shoe. Most people have one foot bigger than the other. Make sure you fit your shoe using the bigger foot.
  3. Pick the size of shoe that fits your foot perfectly. Do not depend on the shoe size, placed on the shoe. Take your time to fit the shoe and then choose.
  4. See to it that you have half an inch or three-eighths of an inch of space for the longest of your toes. Measure this while you’re on a standing position. You should also have one-eighth inch of space between the back of your heel and the end of the shoe. This prevents unwanted blisters and irritation.
  5. Make sure that the widest part of your shoe accommodates the ball of your foot.
  6. Never assume the shoe will stretch, eventually. Do not choose too tight fitting shoes. Although most leather shoes do give way a little, they won’t increase a dramatic amount.
  7. There should be minimum slipping when you wear the shoe. Make sure your heel fits comfortably in your shoe. The shoe should not feel like it’s going to fly off your feet whenever you walk.
  8. Take your time to try on the shoes. Doing so makes sure that they feel and fit perfectly.
  9. Measure you foot’s arch length before going out to buy you shoes. You can measure it from the tipoff your heel, to the tip of your big toe. The shoe should bend where your big toe bends. It also helps if you stand on your toes while wearing the shoes. Standing makes your feet expand. It is always better to have another person measure your feet while you concentrate on standing straight and looking forward.  The way you stand affects the shape and size of your feet.

10. Take note that your toes need to breathe. Deformed toes, corns, neuromas, and calluses result from constricting shoes.

11. Get the right socks. Socks in women’s shoes and in men’s shoes are also important in achieving that perfect fit. Some shoes need thin socks, while others demand thick ones. The right pair of socks also provides additional comfort to your overall shoe experience. If you plan to wear your shoes with socks, keep this in mind and bring a pair of socks to try shoes on with you.

Shoe shopping is fun and fulfilling as well if you know how to find the right shoes. With these given tips, you can get the women’s shoes or the men’s shoes you have always wanted.