How often do you think about your feet? Seriously. Do you ever consider just how much your poor, overworked feet are doing for you? Probably not, at least until they begin to ache. But your feet are not the only body part that suffers when you neglect them. If you suffer from leg, knee, hip or back pain, there’s a good chance your shoe choice may be at least partly to blame. Your feet are the foundation of good health, and when you mistreat them, you can expect to feel it all over.

Heel Pain

If you’ve ever felt a sharp pain in your heel, especially after sitting or lying for a while, then you’ve likely experienced plantar fasciitis. The result of overextension of the plantar fascia tendon in your feet, plantar fasciitis is the most common of foot complaints, and it is usually caused by one factor: over-stress. This stress is usually caused by spending long hours on your feet in shoes that are unsupportive, by high impact exercise or by a combination of the two. It’s a good thing there are sandals and shoes made to reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis, such as Birkenstocks, Australia’s favourite sandal for comfort and style.

Leg and Knee Pain

Leg and knee pain are often the result when you spent hours on your feet in shoes with high heels, little or no arch support, or just no support at all—we’re looking at you, cheap plastic beach thongs. Shoes with stable, well-constructed soles and insoles are the key to preventing aching legs and knees, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your thongs and sandals completely. You might, for instance, try FitFlops, designed to reduce stress on the joints and strengthen stabilising muscles in the feet and legs, if you love your thongs but are tired of leg and knee pain.

Hip and Back Pain

If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work or are active—say a runner, hiker or walker—and you often experience hip and back pain, look to your shoes for a contributing factor. Wearing worn-out or unsupportive shoes, especially for long stretches spent on your feet or running, walking or hiking, can result in joint pain that radiates as far from your feet as your hips and your back. Replace walking and running shoes on a regular basis, and whatever you do on your feet, look for shoes made to hold up to the strain. For example, Merrell shoes are made for feet that live an active lifestyle (or any other feet, for that matter).

Remember: your feet matter. Poorly supported, pinched and misaligned feet can cause problems that affect how healthy you feel and how well you move. Don’t trust your feet to just any shoes. At Bstore, we’re experts on shoes for happy feet, and we can help find you everyday shoes that will keep your feet—and you—healthy and comfortable.