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How To Care For My Shoes

How Often Should You Replace Your Runners?

Five hundred miles, it seems, is the magic number for replacing running shoes. Unless you’re a regular runner or training for a particular distance, it’s quite hard to track how quickly you clock up the miles, so what other ways are there to tell if your running shoes need replacing?

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Caring for Leather Shoes

Whether you’ve just treated yourself to a pair of Miz Mooz, Birkenstocks or Fitflops, and whether the finish is butter-soft leather, natural nubuck or smooth suede, to keep your new shoes looking their best, you need to know how to care for them.

All natural materials need TLC to keep them in tip-top shape. Your shoes take a lot of wear and tear, so follow our care guide to look after your leather and keep your boots beautiful.

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Keeping Canvas Uppers Fresh and Clean

Crisp white canvas tennis shoes are only part of the story. With the latest technology and shoe design, companies like Fitflops Australia are reinventing the classic casual shoe and having fun with one of the most durable and practical fabrics around.

Caring for any shoes is crucial to maximising their lifespan. It goes without saying, we hope, that you will always follow the care instructions  that arrives in your shoebox. However, here are some tips to follow that can help you to keep any pair of canvas shoes looking box-fresh for as long as possible.

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Top Tips for Avoiding Plantar Fasciitis

“Planet what?!” No, aliens have not landed and set up a fascist dictatorship. Plantar fasciitis is a long name for a simple but debilitating problem: sore feet. It’s essentially an inflammation of the tough band of strong ligament-like connective tissue that supports your arch and runs along the sole of your foot. It tends to be where the plantar fascia is attached, at the front of your heel, that you get pain and inflammation.

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