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History of Sneakers

skechers sneakers

Have you worn sneakers all your yourlife? The comfort, style, and functionality they bring you are incomparable. Sneakers come in various shapes, colors, and names, such as tennis shoes, trainers, running shoes, or plimsolls. Sneakers are generally known as athletic shoes. They enable you to perform your activities easier and make a fashion statement without even trying. Many people complete their wardrobe with different types of athletic shoes. This makes the iconic footwear very valuable. Because of this, it is important for those who love the sneaker, to know its humble beginnings.

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Travelling light with Merrell

merrell barrado travel in comfort

Thinking about an active holiday? Merrell shoes will be one of your best companions or at least your feet will think so. With a range that can take you from every day city to active country exploration. There’s nothing worse than dragging too may shoes around with you, I know my back doesn’t appreciate it one bit when carrying luggage that’s too heavy. That’s why I like to pack Merrell, with limited baggage I can do just about anything and look right for the occasion too, not mention doing it in comfort.

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Best Shoes For NIA and Low Impact Dance

Merrell outdoor shoesExercise is at the heart of any healthy lifestyle, and there is no better feeling than indulging in a physical activity you love. For some, however, high-impact sports such as running, Zumba and tennis take too much of a toll on the joints to be sustainable long-term.

The answer to this dilemma is activities such as low-impact dance, and the Nia Technique is an excellent example. Combining moves and philosophy from martial arts with the artistic joys of creating free movement, Nia and similar fusion exercise programmes are gaining keen fans, but finding the right footwear is crucial to keeping up the enjoyment and can be trickier than just buying a new pair of runners. Bare feet are often a recommended option, but if you know that you need the support offered by shoes, then you should keep a few things in mind when looking for the right pair.

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