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Chef Shoes

Workplace: Hospital

Professional Shoes

Hospital workers need shoes that can take everything that humanity can throw at them and then some. Most hospital staff work long hours, and a great deal of this is on their feet. Consequently, shoes for working in a healthcare environment need to be robust, durable and above all, comfortable.

Medical environments also pose special challenges. Hospital workers need shoes that are tough enough to withstand bodily fluids without staining and that are easy to clean and dry. Good traction on freshly cleaned floors is incredibly useful, particularly on surgical and emergency duty.

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Workplace: Commercial Kitchen

At Bstore, we’ve got Australia’s favourite comfy footwear collection and it is all about bringing together fun and function for comfortable, happy feet. For most people, that means shoes that look as good as they feel, and we have an unrivalled choice of footwear from top brands like Birkenstock, FitFlop and Merrell, including gorgeous go-anywhere clogs.

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