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Shoe Technology

FitFlop - What's all the Fuss?

FitFlop Cha Cha FlamePrior to my FitFlop days, I used to think it was a bit over the top to call them ‘caffeine for your feet’. I always wondered how people could be so wholeheartedly and almost ‘religiously’ into a shoe brand. (Maybe I was being a bit harsh because my feet practically live in the shoe heaven here at Bstore.)

But now I finally get it, once you get addicted to the FitFlop feeling, there’s no go back. 

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Taos Shoes - Self-indulgent Comfort!

Taos prize sandals

When I think summer I think of sandals and wedge shoes, comfort is important when you are on your feet for longer periods of the day and night! My feet are not what they used to be, I could dance all night long in a pair of stilettos when I was twenty, now I need the help of well-designed shoes with comfort technology or I won’t make past lunchtime.

The Technical inner workings of brands like Taos means your feet will not only get through long days but they will sigh with GLEE at the end of the night.

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EMU AW2015

I can hear your feet now just quivering at the thought of cold morning floors and winter chills. Some of us even experience our toes going white and we know it’s time for a pair of warm cosy wool slippers or boots. I can’t think of anything better than wearing my Emu wool slippers, I even find myself thinking about them while I’m driving home, my feet sliding into my favourite Sheepskin Scuffs like the Emu Eden Slippers at the end of the day.

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Our Orthotic-Friendly Shoes

Arcopedico Shoes

There are a lot of things that can cause foot pain. Some are serious medical issues, but many are simply caused by going about activities in our daily lives in the wrong kinds of shoes. Foot problems can affect the proper functioning of other parts of the body, as well. Choosing the right shoes can help you stomp out common foot and walking problems. Prior to any expensive treatments, why not see if a good orthotic-friendly shoe will help correct your issues?

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