Bstore carries shoe brands from all over the world, but we ourselves are a proud Australian company. Since most of our customers are Australian, too, we'd be remiss if we didn't feature the best Australian shoes for happy feet!

Why buy Australian

We know fantastic shoes that make your feet smile can come from anywhere, but buying an Australian brand benefits us all. When you support Aussie companies with your purchases, the money stays in Australia. It trickles down the manufacturing and supply chain until it reaches the workers in your communities: your friends and neighbours and perhaps even yourself. You're supporting the economy and helping to create new jobs when the companies grow. It's an easy way for everyone to foster a strong and diverse Australian economy, and you'll also have the benefit of knowing your shoes are high quality and authentically Australian.


For those of you who rarely ever wear anything but a thong or sandal in warm weather, Lightfeet makes stylish, breezy and comfortable casual shoes just for you. Lightfeet is an Australian shoe company founded by podiatrists who know what it takes to design healthy shoes that make your feet feel light as a feather. The cushioned footbed absorbs impact and puts a spring in your step, while the orthotic-friendly design comfortably addresses any foot issues you may have. They are wonderful, casual shoes for warm weather or around the house, and they give your feet a soft place to land after a long day at work.

Miss M

What woman hasn't worn a pair of stylish sandals, only to suffer pinches, blisters and foot pain later? The Miss M shoe company was born out of the struggle to find cute and comfortable sandals. These sandals seamlessly take you from work to play with a comfortable fit and stylish look perfect for any woman who doesn't want to sacrifice one for the other. They're the best of both worlds and a wonderful Australian brand.

Ugg Australia and Emu Ugg

You can't talk about Australian shoes without mentioning Uggs – those iconic sheepskin boots now popular the world-over with surfers, celebrities and anyone else who wants cosy, comfortable feet. Despite, or perhaps because of, their utilitarian design, classic Uggs have become a practical, all-season fashion statement.

Emu is Australian owned and operated, and they manufacture many of their boots and shoes here, as well. The name of the company, chosen for the national bird, is perfect for what the world might see as our national shoe. Emu Ugg puts the utmost Australian craftsmanship and materials into every pair. They've got adult's and children's boots, clogs and slippers, too, all made with the traditional Emu Ugg quality and style.

Speaking of classic Ugg boots, you can't leave out UGG Australia. Originally a joint Australian-US venture, they've been selling their unisex boots in Australia and around the world for decades.

When you come to Bstore for high quality shoes that will keep your feet healthy and happy, why not opt for a brand that’s made in Australia: Lightfoot, Miss M, Emu or Ugg Australia?