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Archives for July 2015

Which Hunter Boots are right for me?

Bstore Blog - Choosing Hunter BootsHunter Wellies have been around for decades and their timeless style never ceases to amaze generations of fashionista all over the world.

Thinking of investing in one of the most versatile fashion staples of all time? Get started right here to find out which Hunter designs will suit you best!

Choosing and buying the right pair of Hunter Boots without trying them on can be a little tricky. Not only have you needed to be conscious of your foot length, but the boots’ calf size, knee size and height are also factors to consider.


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Holiday packing tips for shoes

Getting the right mix of shoes when on holiday without taking up your whole suitcase or throwing your luggage over the weight threshold can be a fine balancing act. After years travelling for work and enjoying some pretty great holidays too, the one thing I spend time thinking about when packing are my shoes.

Too many will break my back and too few will leave me annoyed I can’t participate in all the activities that might present themselves. Using these simple techniques and asking yourself these questions before you pack will allow for stress free travelling…

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